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Born & Bred in the West Country
Nature's Way Complete Hypoallergenic Dogfood

Honest Food

Nature's Way is a delicious healthy, natural complete dogfood. Our food contains absolutely no preservatives, additives, flavourings, salt, added sugar, chemicals or unnatural ingredients of any kind. It is dairy free with no wheat or wheat gluten and with no by-products or GM products. The best way to determine the quality of your pet food is to carefully read and understand the label. While reading the label, ask the following questions: Does the food use high quality ingredients? Is there a quality meat source as one of the first two ingredients? Better yet, are the ingredients human-grade?

It is now well established that food and health are inextricably linked. Without good food, there can be no good health, so when choosing a food for your pet it is essential to know exactly what it is made from. The problem is that pet food labeling doesn't have to tell you. Broad umbrella terms like meat and animal derivatives, cereals and 'EC permitted additives' are common place in the dog food industry and are perfectly legal but don't shed any light whatsoever on the real contents of the food, which can make choosing a pet food a real mine-field. We are proud to say our labeling is completely transparent with no misleading jargon just straight forward honest ingredients that all have a reason to be in the diet.

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