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Nature's Way Complete Hypoallergenic Dogfood

Born & Bred in the West Country

Introducing the 12kg Nature's Way 80% Fish & Potato Recipe, a completely grain-free dog food made with over 40% fish. This recipe is perfect for allergy sufferers and fussy dogs, providing a hypoallergenic and natural complete diet for all breeds of super sensitive working dogs. The high fish content not only provides a great source of protein, but also essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. You can rest easy knowing that your furry friend is getting the nutrition they need with this carefully crafted, premium quality dog food. Say goodbye to mealtime struggles and hello to a happy, healthy pup with Nature's Way 80% Fish & Potato Recipe.

12kg Nature's Way 80% Fish & Potato Recipe


    • 44% Fish consisting: Salmon (18%), Dried Blended Fish (8%), Trout (7%), Salmon Oil (1.65%), Samon Gravy (1.65%),
    • 36% Potato consisting: Dried Potato (18%), Dried Sweet Potato (18%)
    • Pea Starch
    • Beet Pulp,
    • Lucerne
    • Sunflower Oil,
    • Minerals,
    • Vitamins
    • Itch-eeze,
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